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Budget and Credit Counseling

Budget and Credit Counseling

Money problems can be a huge source of stress, and they can distract you from other goals and make you feel tied down or powerless. For students who are struggling with financial issues, or who are simply seeking to better manage their finances, The BetterWay to Credit program offers extensive budget and debt consultation services for free. This program will connect the student with a trained and certified financial counselor to help them address their fiscal concerns.

Getting Started with the Budget and Debt Management Program

The student can initiate the process of enrollment in the Budget and Debt Consultation program by contacting BetterWay to Credit and asking for budget and debt assistance. After the initial call, the student will be connected within 24 hours to a professionally trained and certified financial counselor who will:
  • Help them evaluate their current financial situation
  • Provide a detailed review of income, assets and expenses.
  • Provide personalized options based on the student's goals, which may include social service referrals, educational materials and resources and/or enrollment in a Debt Management Program

Working with a Debt Management Counselor

If the Debt Management Program sounds like the right resource,  the student will be assigned a dedicated Debt Management Counselor, who will work with them to achieve lower interest rates and monthly payments. Together, the student will work to achieve one convenient consolidated monthly payment , and an increased capacity to get out of debt quickly.

Budgeting and Debt Services

Other benefits of the Budget and Debt Management Program include:
  • Unlimited free budget counseling sessions to assess financial situation
  • On-going counseling for students throughout the life of the program and beyond
  • Free Money, Debt and Credit education program
  • Access to consumercredit.com for free financial resources
The Debt Management Counselor will work tirelessly to assist you with your financial needs so you can remain focused on your end goal -Financial Freedom.


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