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Credit Repair Partner Program

What is the BetterWay to Credit Partner Program

The BetterWay to Credit Partner Program was founded in response to the growing popularity of the BetterWay to Credit services which professionals and individuals wanted to be able to market, both online and offline.

So with the help of financial professionals, we created the BetterWay to Credit Partner program allowing individuals to market the BetterWay to Credit services. We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with entrepreneurs, financial professionals and companies.

BetterWay to Credit Makes it Easy

Partner Centric focus makes offering our services to your clients quick and simple.

BetterWay to Credit offers easily integrated revenue opportunities to business minded professionals. We provide a ready-to-go infrastructure that delivers quality work to your clients. Our custom programs are designed to meet your specific needs, work with your existing client database, and quickly create an additional revenue source for your business. If you have the market, we have the service.

Get More Business

Add a no cost recurring revenue stream.

You already have a website, current clients or member base, so why not give your clients the complete package they need to accomplish their life goals by offering more? With the economy bouncing back from a recession and the housing market bouncing back now is the time to partner with us.

No Cost - for Joining Program & Starting Marketing

You can start acquiring customers the same day you sign up. Free to join and with many custom designed website templates, you will have access to a full-fledged marketing platform for you to build your customer base without any single investment on the technology and infrastructure.

Sign up Commissions - for customers acquired by your channels

It is performance based, so the more you bring customers, the higher commission ratio you will get.

BetterWay to Credit will track and identify every signup that is coming via your channel either online or via call center and credit you the appropriate commission amount. This proven, simple and automatic system lets you fully concentrate on your acquisition efforts.

For any other questions regarding a Reseller Partnership with BetterWay to Credit, please contact us at 1.888.632.3726, or click "Get Started" to request a call back from a Reseller Consultant.

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