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Credit Repair Partner Program

Generate additional revenue and provide a valuable service with the BetterWay to Credit Partner Program

Affiliate Partner

The BetterWay to Credit Affiliate Program is simple to join and has proven to be very profitable. If you have a website that generates traffic in the consumer or financial space, we have an opportunity for you to drive revenue from your website and provide your visitors with a valuable service.

independent partner

Professionals in the financial industry, such as mortgage, real estate, and auto industries now have a way to convert clients who have been declined due to a poor credit score. What if you could recommend and encourage your customers to return to you in a buying mode and be bankable?

reseller partner

We take out all the complexities of managing the back-end process of your credit repair business and empower resellers to make additional revenue by offering our in-demand services, allowing you to focus your time and expertise working on sales and marketing initiatives.

strategic partner

For larger companies or affinity programs looking to improve business and revenue, a strategic partnership with BetterWay to Credit could be very rewarding. We offer a variety of different solutions to help best monetize your current lead source or member base to our credit repair solutions.

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