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Debt Management Counseling

Debt Management Counseling

Your financial situation is as unique as your fingerprint. Unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, divorce, loss of a job and other life changing events can impact even the best laid financial plans. Working with BetterWay to Credit can help you chart a course to reaching your financial goals.

Debt can be overwhelming and effect many aspects of your life. When you take control of your debt, you achieve a peace of mind and confidence. Our team is here to help you select the solution that works best for your lifestyle.

Begin taking control of your finances.

Schedule an appointment with a BetterWay to Credit Consultant. During your one hour free appointment, we will:

  • Set your financial goals
  • Review your current monthly income and expenses
  • Review your debt
  • Develop an action plan to achieve your goals

Debt Management Tools
In our 25+ years of debt management and financial consulting, we have helped thousands of consumers find the right tool to assist them. Some of the plans that we provide include:

Debt Management Plan
This tool is a nationally-recognized program in which we work with your creditors to reduce interest rates, bring accounts current, and help you pay off your debts faster.

Save Thousands in Interest: When our clients come to us they have their interest rates reduced from an average of 25% to an average of 8%. That equates to thousands of dollars saved in interest payments.

Payoff Faster: Typically our clients are able to pay off all their debt in three to five years. Making minimum payments, it would take those same clients 25-35 years to pay off the same debt.

Build Credit: Our clients build their credit by re-aging their accounts (brings the account completely current), building a history of paying on time, and paying their balances in full.

Budget Management Plan
This tool is for clients that may not have excessive debt, but because they are late with payments their credit score is lowered. All payments that are the same each month can be set up on the Budget Management Plan. This plan is good for student loan payments, budget billing, debt, mortgage, and other standardized monthly payments. You set up the budget with your BetterWay to Credit Consultant and each month your bills are paid. That establishes the payment history that will build your credit and the ease in knowing it’s done.

Student Loan Management Plan
Many people have multiple servicers handing their student loans. Each month they make payments to several different companies. Falling behind on any one of those loans will drastically reduce a credit score. By consolidating these payments into one monthly payment to BetterWay to Credit, payments are on time and good credit is being built.

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