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The BetterWay Approach

The BetterWay to Credit Approach

BetterWay to Credit provides an array of client options through a true “one-stop-shop” methodology approach. Our team of specialists are ready to take a deep dive into your current financial situation, assess your options, and make a recommendation to achieve your overall target end goal. Together we can identify the best roadmap to your financial success catered to your current lifestyle .

  • STEP 1: Budget and Debt Counseling

    At BetterWay, we have developed a simple 4 step process which is professional, personal and proven, the best way to start this process is with some clear discussions. We are here to answer any questions you may have about us, the process and the outcome. Once we've built some rapport we can then open dialogue to address your financial situation, including your concerns and your goals. We will examine, evaluate and address challenges in your current financial situation which is step one to financial recovery.

  • Step 2: Full Analysis and Education

    Once we've had a chance to discuss your challenges and goals, we are now ready to begin a FREE in depth full analysis of your credit profile by pulling your credit report and discussing the challenges of all options available regarding your debts, trade-lines, personal loans, debt management programs and self administered payment plans.

  • Step 3: Credit and Debt Review

    Openness and transparency is paramount to an effective program. During step 3 we will perform a detailed review of all 3 credit reports which will allow a clear line of sight on all reported creditors and will also identify personal payment habits. This is an essential step with Debt Consolidation, Debt Negotiation, Rate Reduction and Credit Restoration.

  • Step 4: Identification of Services

    Now that we have identified the areas that need to be addressed we can customize a solution and present you you with several options from simple Budget Couseling to full Credit Repair and Restoration. We are here to walk you along the way and to see you obtain the results you are looking for... This is where we now begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel to your financial freedom.

  • 1. In order to get started and to initiate a FREE credit analysis, we will need to get a tri-merge(three bureau) credit report. To order your credit report todal follow this link to get started. Price is just $14.95 per month.
  • 2. Once an analysis is completed, we will identify derogatory accounts on your credit reports and initiate Phase 1 of our auditing process.

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