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BetterWay to Credit was founded by industry experts who have spent their careers assisting consumers in understanding credit and how it affects them in their daily activities. Here at BetterWay to Credit, we firmly believe that clients and their results always come first.

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  • Late Payments

    Late payments are something that can hurt your credit score. They are not devastating but they can have an immediate effect on your FICO score.

  • Charge-Offs

    When you are unable to pay your bills for 3 to 6 months at a time you may experience a charge off. Upon hiring BetterWay to Credit we will work with you to identify items on your credit

  • Foreclosures

    Foreclosures are a big deal when it comes to your credit report. If you have a foreclosure that is not filed properly or lacking informationBetterWay to Credit can help.

  • Collections

    Inaccurate collections are one of the biggest problems we face when helping you as a credit repair company. Even small mistakes in the numbers can cause huge problems

  • Judgements

    Judgment is when you lose a case in court filed by a creditor. The judgments will be formally recorded and enforced. It also becomes a public record which will be searchable

  • Bankruptcies

    In layman's terms, bankruptcy is when a person is unable to pay outstanding debts. A bankruptcy will free a person from all legal obligations to pay the debts

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Better Options for Buying a Home with BetterWay

If your credit is holding you back from owning a home, refinancing your current home, buying or refinancing a vehicle, obtaining a better job or promotion, getting security clearance, obtaining a loan, starting a business, improving your insurance rates, getting married, or just having the peace of mind for your future we can help! Your credit score dictates your financial future. The better your credit the more options you have.

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